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About Italian Formula cloud

What is the Italian Formula cloud?

Italian Formula - What is the Italian Formula cloud?

Since its introduction to the global financial markets, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced skyrocketing growth in value. As a result, many early cryptocurrency investors have achieved extreme wealth, including many self-made millionaires. Since its beginning in 2009, Bitcoin has hit a peak of $20,000 in value. During 2017 Bitcoin’s price increased by 958.32%, which is many times more than the stock market’s growth during this particular period.

On the other hand, you should not feel bad about missing out. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream global financial system, demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to build. This results in upward pressure on values which means there is still plenty of possibilities to earn massive profits through trading cryptocurrencies. Italian Formula’s highly accurate algorithm is the perfect way to take advantage of this growing market.

Our comprehensive trading application provides you with a wide array of over 100 assets to trade. Italian Formula’s automated software has even won numerous industry awards for profitability and ease of use.

Additionally, since our software can be completely automated, you will only need to spend a few minutes per day to monitor the software and adjust settings if required. Other than that, the automated feature will take care of everything else. This means scanning cryptocurrency markets and executing profitable trades while you go about your usual daily activities.

Who we are?

The Italian Formula team consists of a group of traders with many years of experience and expertise in the markets. We decided to provide the public with trading software that would empower traders of all levels to achieve success in trading Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Each member of the Italian Formula team has worked with other firms for many years, making these companies plenty of trading profits along the way.

The team met each other during a finance industry conference. After instantly realizing we shared similar frustrations and limitations in our positions with other firms, we decided to be proactive and combine our experience and knowledge. The result was a highly profitable trading software which has won numerous industry awards and has made many users quite wealthy.
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